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Immune-Boosting Power Pack

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Wholefood~Raw~ Organic Superfood Blend to Support Your Whole Body

This Incredible superfood blend stands alone in the market in terms of purity, potency and quality. Free of any contaminants, each ingredient is carefully and lovingly tended from seed to bottle, harvested at the peak of nutritional value, and minimally processed to retain nutritional integrity, this is the highest quality superfood blend on the planet, all in one complete formula. Making it so easy to give your body the Powerful Nutrition it needs to begin to feel and look younger, provide all the energy you need and protect your health for the long term from the ravages of time and dis-ease.

With over 60 different superfoods in all, it’s the most complete nutritional support you can get, which is why this product is the cornerstone of this bundle. Protecting your heart, brain, nervous system and cellular health, reducing your chances of neurological issues, heart problems and cognitive decline. Helping your body maintain a balanced weight, your skin to stay young and supple, your bones, joints and muscles to stay flexible and strong, and your organs and systems to operate at peak, optimal function to maintain your health and ward off illness. Is it any wonder that this is the cornerstone of your Power Pack!

Vital Dietary Oils to Give Our Cells Fuel & Protection

No other oil manufacture can compare to the quality of these oils. With their patented Perfect Press technology, they have the ability to maintain the integrity of the lipid moecule, thereby providing the vital energy your cells are craving and protecting them from oxidative stress, pathogens and rancid oils we ingest in our diets. Allowing them to function better, stay healthier and churn out more ATP.

ATP is the energy provided by our cells and healthy fats are the fuel the cells use to generate it. We are literally a collection of 100 Trillion cells, and we Live and Die at the cellular level. 

If our cells are healthy, energized, clean and protected instead of stressed, damaged, depleted and toxic then we are experiencing a greater level of health and vitality, as well as an improved mood and a more positive outlook on life.
Healthy fats support the healthy mucosal lining of our epithelial tissues that line and protect all our major organs. This blend supports heart health, digestive health, strong bones, healthy skin and healthy elimination of toxins, protecting our brains and nervous systems, strengthening and protecting our cells, and is high in iron, magnesium and zinc, all critical nutrients for a healthy body.

Topical Solution for Instant Relief of Daily Aches & Pains

This easily absorbable form of our body’s master mineral, that is required for every single function in our bodies, is a godsend. Because it is a topical spray it can be used readily and easily throughout the day to support your system’s needs, relieving pain, stress and fatigue, reducing inflammation and providing the necessary resources to every system in your body to perform it’s normal functions optimally. Electrical, hormonal, metabolic, digestive and all other biologic processes in the body require and depend on magnesium to be present to function properly; without it we are unable to maintain our health long term.

Environmental stressors, like EMF’s, background radiation, WiFi, industrial pollutants in our air, water and food supply, traffic, deadlines, family pressures, the list goes on and on. All this stress is causing oxidative damage and interference in our bodies normal processes and depleting our bodies of the minerals it needs to combat that stress at the cellular level. Magnesium and B Vitamins are the two that are the most depleted and must be supplemented daily to maintain health. This magnesium spray is formulated to be instantly absorbable and bioavailable directly through the skin, bypassing the digestive route where it is much more difficult to absorb.

2 Wholefood~Organic~ Raw Superfood Powerhouses in 1

From the pristine rainforests of Costa Rica comes a product like no other available. The blending of raw whole plant cacao and raw whole plant green coffee with live probiotics provides superior nourishment. Both plants are high in vital minerals and antioxidants, as well as many other life giving plant compounds, supporting brain and heart health and giving you sustained energy throughout your day without crashes or sugar cravings.

This blend promotes fat burning, balanced blood sugar and healthy cholesterol. It promotes cardio-vascular health, liver and kidney health, is rich in fiber and protein, as well as Vit E, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and tons of other micronutrients, plant compounds and antioxidants, giving you powerful nutritional support to feel and look your best all day, every day.

Radiant Skin, Hair & Health from Nature's Most Powerful Berries

This blend of 13 of the most C-rich berries and fruits on the planet will provide the support for your immune system that you need to ensure long term health and maintain youthful cells and tissues that are not degraded by free radical damage in the body. And because your getting the whole plant material your getting a lot more than just C, your getting everything nature provided in each of those 13 plants to give you more complete and absorbable nutrition to your body and cells.

When we trust the synergy of nature we are receiving powerful plant compounds that science has yet to even identify, that provide all the constituents needed by the body to get the most benefit nutritionally for our bodies. Isolated compounds synthesized in labs are devoid of the life giving spark that only whole foods can provide. Supplementing with anything less than whole foods is robbing you of vital nutrients and throwing your money down the tubes, as you pee out nearly 80% of what those synthesized brands claim on their labels, because the body can’t utilize it effectively wthout the proper cofactors present in nature.

Superior Nourishment and Support Through the Power of Nature's Synergy

Over 80 different superfoods in all for the most complete nutritional support you can get. Free of any contaminants and harvested at the peak of nutritional value, these are the highest quality superfoods on the planet, all in one complete power pack bundle. Nature packages everything in perfect synergy and balanced nutrition. When you consume whole real foods you get the benefit of that synergy and your body gets the most out of each component. Together these 5 products compliment each other’s synergy and enhance the benefits to your body and your life.

At 25% off retail and the opportunity to lock that price in as a subscriber, you’d be crazy to pass this up. For the price of a cup of takeout coffee every day you can give yourself radiant health, boundless energy and a joyous and peaceful spirit to better navigate this topsy-turvy world of density. Stress on our systems is the greatest barrier to vibrant health and a catalyst to decline. Proper nutrition helps to mitigate that stress and strengthen and defend every structure for continuous support and a robust immune system to face whatever challenges may arise in our day.

The Power to Turn Your Health Around For Good

The true path to vibrant health is providing the body with superior nutrition. With our soils depleted, our diets simply aren’t enough any longer to provide what our bodies need to thrive.
Unfortunately, our bodies are under an unprecedented amount of environmental stressors, more than ever in human history. Superfoods have the ability to fill those gaps without needing to add a high caloric burden to get it.

Add them to your morning smoothie to start the day off right. Within a week or two you’ll be feeling brand new and reaping the benefits of receiving all the nutrients missing from our food supply, and more effectively absorbing the nutrients that are present in your food.

They’re also delicious mixed into your favorite hot cereal, chia pudding or yogurt parfait. Providing you with a variety of options to keep your body supplied with all the nutrition it needs every day.

mango chia pudding_cropped-resized
Another creative way to enjoy your Superfood nutrition bundle is in a glass of juice, plant based milk or as a lassi.
I make my lassi with rice milk, coconut milk and either peach, mango or pineapple juice. Put them all together in my shaky cup, add in my superfoods and shake it to blend. In under 5 minutes I have a nutritious beverage to take along with me for wherever my day takes me

A Few Happy Customers

Been using the products for about a year. I really wanted to improve my nutrition, as I was trying to get pregnant. Been using them ever since and am loving them. Just had my son a few months back and am enjoying my time with him, and having the energy and nutritional support to give him my best means the world to me as a new mom.

Krissy B

Owner- One Leg Up

Started using these products a few years ago to improve my performance at races and noticed an improvement in my race times, endurance and recovery for my muscles and joints. That first year I won more races and placed higher on the races I didn't win, and was able to train harder, with less fatigue.

Bryan H.

Semi-Pro Cyclist

Was looking for greater nutritional support when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child a few years ago. My sister recommended these products to me and I loved them. The extra energy comes in handy with a 2 yr old running around, and working from home. I even broke my coffee habit and dropped some excess weight. Whole foods definitely provide superior support for my health.

Heather N.

IT Systems Mgr

With long days on set and the need to keep my weight steady, I started using these products to help me stay nourished and hydrated during shoots. It really helps me to stay focused and not feel like I'm starving all day. Plus I have tons of energy and my mood stays elevated no matter how long the day gets.

Johanna S

Professional Model

Frequently Asked Questions...

Words To Live By

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Producing Perfume From Home

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The Basics Of Western Astrology Explained

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What Curling Irons Are The Best Ones

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

I know these products have the power to rebuild your health, but only if you take them! If you don’t, you won’t be able to receive the benefits, simple as that!

However, should your order arrive and it is not what you expect, you have 7 days to return the unopened products in their original packaging and you will receive a full refund. Once you have opened the products, the second part of our satisfaction guarantee is in effect.

If you have opened them, I assume that you are committed to your health and intend to take the products, that is your responsibility in this guarantee. If you take these products every day as directed for the full 60 days, until the bottles are empty and you aren’t noticing even miniscule improvements in your health, energy and mood, send back your empty bottles and we’ll refund your purchase.

Rebuilding a depleted body that is carrying a toxic load takes time, you didn’t get to this place in a month and it will take more than a month to turn things around. But you must be committed to making the necessary shifts in your lifestyle and habits to achieve greater health.


Einstein said, “You can’t solve problems at the level of consciousness that created them”. I say that applies to our health as well, if we are unwilling to not only make healthier choices but commit to them as our way of being, then we aren’t going to be able to achieve the greater state of health we are seeking. Every positive step taken lifts you higher to reach the next step, superfoods are a great first step, but working to reduce your exposure to toxic elements will help the body rebuild faster and is highly recommended for the best and fastest results.

Thank you for making the commitment to your health and we look forward to hearing your results. You can reach out via email at with any questions about your products or to share your results.

Thanks for joining the Best U Wellness Family, we are committed to being your guide on your path to Optimal Health & Radical Vitality!

But Wait..... There's More...

Because I know you really want to take charge of your health, and I want to give you the best possible chance to acheive the radiance and vitality that is your birthrite, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer you these 3 powerful, protective nutrients.
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To make sure you’re getting the most complete nutritional support,
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These 3 potent superfoods are the perfect compliment to all the nutritive benefits in your Power Pack.
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B's Build Strong Minds & Bodies, Keeping You Energized and Protected

The second most deficient nutrient that nearly everyone in the western world suffers with is B Vitamin deficiency. I say second because the first is already included in your Power Pack, Magnesium. WiFi and EMF’s are known to deplete both magnesium and Vitamin B from our bodies and they are inescapable in the developed world. To compound the deficiency problem, they are both critical to every single function in the body.
This means we have to supplement, to keep up with the demands of our body and to stay healthy. Which is why I added it to your Super-Charger Upgrade.
Getting the 2 biggest deficiencies handled along with all the other powerful nutrition your getting in this Power Pack, is paramount to getting your health back on track and staying there.
B deficiency can lead to diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, addiction and so much more, and if prolonged enough can lead to cancer, heart disease or even stroke. The deficiency is too great to address with just our diets, you can’t get enough B rich foods daily to replenish what you’ve lost and maintain an adequate supply in the body. So to ensure you have everything you need to really revitalize your health, this whole food B complex provides a generous supply of all your B’s in a time release formula, plus Choline, for maximum absorption. That’s why it was my first choice to put in this Super-Charger Upgrade package for you!

Remarkable Anti-Aging Benefits, from Nature, not from a Lab

This humble little oil is secretly a powerhouse of nutrition! It replenishes deteriorating tissues and recharges our cell’s regenerative nature, protecting us from the ravages of time and stress. The list of benefits is so great you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. It literally repairs and rebuilds every structure in the body.
It’s rich in carotenoids, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, lysine, squalene, Vit C and Vit E, both of which are crucial for cardiovascular health. Safegaurding your vision, bone and joint health, supporting your digestive and immune systems and nourishing your skin and hair.
This is a valuable tool to add to all the nutrition in your power pack. This is truly a Super-Charger Upgrade!
One of my favorite things about this oil is that it can be used topically as well as internally. So not only do I have a dropperful orally every day, but I also use it on my skin! My go to cosmetic is coconut oil, it’s all I’ve used on my skin for years and I Love It. Since adding this oil to my skin care routine, my skin looks and feels softer, wrinkles are softening, and it seems a bit more taught and plump than before. It’s only been a couple months, but so far it has surpassed my skeptical expectations.

Irradicate the Root Cause of All Illness, with Nature's Strongest Anti-Inflammatory

Most of America thinks this little yellow herb just blew onto the scene in the last couple decades, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in the east to protect the health and longevity of it’s people, with great success!

Whether medicinally or culinarily, it has been used extensively throughout eastern culture for a variety of ailments and benefits. It’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties can give our bodies system-wide support from the imbalances inherent in our physiology and protect our strutural integrity from degradation.

Inflammation is endemic to our body’s metabolic function, we literally create acid inside our bodies every day; when we eat, when we sleep, when we exercise, when we work and even when we breathe. But our cells thrive in an alkaline environment and our health depends on the health of our cells. To reconcile these two we need to neutralize what acidosis we can and keep our elimination channels clear and healthy to expel waste efficiently.

Turmeric is a powerful ally in both of these strategies! This Turmeric is unlike any other on the market with the equivalent of 100,000mg of fresh, raw, organic turmeric rhizome in each capsule. It’s the perfect addition to complete the triad of super nutrients in your Super-Charger Upgrade!