SUPER B COMPLEX ~ Nature’s Stress Relievers & Revitalizers


Super B Complex ~

Balance Your Stress and Recharge Your Life ~

Where would we be without our Bs? Essential for combating daily stress, our Super B Complex features a perfectly balanced blend of organic, whole food B vitamins and co-factors just as nature intended.

Everyday Stress Heightens your daily requirements for the essential B vitamins. Over time, sub-optimal levels may lead to nagging symptoms and diminishing health and vitality, leaving you feeling fatigued, stressed and irritable. What’s more, B vitamins are necessary for metabolizing our food into cellular energy, maintaining proper neurological function, creating red blood cells and more. Complete with the ideal amounts of all eight of the B vitamins plus their essential co-factors choline, inositol and PABA, our power-packed Super B Complex offers a host of benefits for anyone looking to manage the stress of everyday living and supercharge their health.

60 Vegetable Tablets

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Super B Complex ~


Stress comes in many shapes and sizes, be it physical, mental or emotional. Maybe you work long hours, juggle a busy family life, struggle with chronic health issues, lack sleep – Whatever it may be, we all face stress and our bodies must either rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure. 

  The B vitamins really are the “busy Bs” working around the clock as the  dynamic “catalysts” to many of the metabolic processes that keep your body afloat through the stress of daily life. Every single one of the eight B vitamins is vitally important to multiple systems throughout your body, so that even just a minor deficiency or less than optimal levels can lead to trouble. Unfortunately, the link between B vitamins and stress becomes a vicious cycle: the more stress your under, the more depleted you become, which leads to poor management of stress, and  the downward spiral ensues.

Benefits of  Our B’s

  • Supports and balances your energy, metabolism, mood and nervous system
  • Provides a whole food source of all eight B vitamins + choline, inositol and PABA
  • Take as a B “boost” with your multi-vitamin or on it’s own to balance a high stress lifestyle
  • Whole food matrix offers you an ideal and steady nutrient release throughout the day
  • Just one tablet daily provides optimal amounts and ratios of all your B vitamins
  • Can be taken with or without food and is gentle on the most sensitive stomachs
  • Offers exceptional value with 60 tablets per bottle and just one tablet daily (less than 40 cents a day)

B Vitamins Need Daily Restocking ~

Since your body cannot store the water soluble B vitamins, the need for them to be replenished frequently in order to prevent a deficit is especially profound. In contrast to a vitamin isolate that is released rapidly and literally flushes through your system in a couple hours, our food matrix Super B Complex slowly releases it’s powerhouse of vitamins, providing dynamic energy, stress relief and other key benefits throughout the entire day.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease*



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