Life is Full of Limitless Possibilities...

...When Divine Discernment Guides Our Choices

Kimberly N. Jenkins

Holistic Nutritional Counselor ~ Quantum Clairvoyant Healer

I have been a student of life, all my life, always striving to learn. In that quest I have learned many skills and acquired much wisdom along my journey and am always learning, growing and sharing more with each new day. My goal is to share my gifts and knowledge, and  help others to grow and blossom into their best version of themselves!

Shift Happens,

          When We Allow and Embrace It!

Are You Ready and Open to Receive the Gifts of the Universe?

Kimberly is a Holistic Nutritional Counselor, Quantum Clairvoyant Healer and Mahatma Reiki Master. She has widely studied and mastered many healing modalities to include in her toolkit to be able to offer the most value to her clients as they work towards a return to vibrant health in body, mind and spirit.

   This list includes Avesa healing techniques, quantum clairvoyance, ascended numerology, spiritual counseling, meditation, detoxification, reflexology, massage, EFT and essential oils.

Using all of her considerable and comprehensive knowledge of nutrition and the restorative properties of food and herbs, as well as applying ayurvedic and spiritual priniciples, she works to assist her clients in regaining their lost vitality!

Kimberly’s focus as a practitioner is to utilize all the skills and tools at her disposal to assist her many clients to free themselves from everything in their mind, body and spirit that is preventing them from achieving Optimal Health & Radical Vitality!

Additionally, she lovingly assists her clients with deepening their connection to Divine Source in harmony with cultivating a deeper communion with their own body, to be able to understand the language and function of their vessel and respond accordingly to provide the body with what is needed for the body’s natural repair mechanisms to return you to proper balance.

Kimberly’s programs and methods offer the gift of giving our bodies what they need!

Awakening what they know and Igniting their life with understanding and empowerment, to reclaim their own innate wisdom!